About Billie

A mother’s love runs deep.

It’s only about 12 miles off the interstate to Crenshaw, Mississippi down a quiet, winding highway that feels much like you're stepping back into sweeter, simpler time. A small town of 800 some-odd folks, it’s where the Billie’s Pecans story began—smack dab in the Crenshaw family kitchen.

In the early 1960s, Billie Crenshaw was a young mom raising four boys on her husband’s family farm where they grew cotton, soybeans and, well, pecans. One fall afternoon, Billie decided to gather up the hundreds of pecans lining the home driveway—thinking surely something could be done with these to feed her pack of active sons.You see back then, there were more pecans in the family’s front yard than her husband, Bob Crenshaw, knew what to do with. He told Billie that if she’d pick them up, she could do whatever she wanted with them. And she did just that.

During the months that followed, Billie began creating her own personal recipes, starting with her favorite, Cinnamon Spiced. With her sons’ encouragement, she took these delectable treats on the road, and sold her candied pecans at the Market Basket in Memphis, and gave out free samples at Goldsmith’s department store (now Macy’s). Slowly, Billie built her business through word-of-mouth and the devotion of some very loyal customers—many who are still with us today.


Now housed in a 100-yearold building on Main Street, daughter-in-law, Stacy, and her daughter, Bailey, continue her legacy. They bake and shake, sugar and spice batches of Southern pecans and other gourmet goodies to be shipped worldwide. It's a recipe for love that began more than 30 years ago, and it's our gift, from us to you. 

With a variety of flavors and combination gift boxes, Billie’s Pecans makes the ideal hostess, housewarming, tailgating, corporate thank-you, holiday or best friend gift you can give. Share the love.